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Sailing alone across the Atlantic

Before leaving on this voyage, people would ask me three questions that I seemed to hear over and over again…


Rambling Reflections on Cruising

It’s early on Wednesday morning September 10. I am into the 43rd day of my cruise…


Log of Ceilidh.....from Marsh Harbor to Beaufort

Up at 6:30 am, we stowed the dinghy on the foredeck and readied the boat for sea…


Moonshadow Panama City to Rogersville

Drive to boat and buy food etc for the Trip. This is always an unpleasant task…


Circumnavigation "Da Youp Loop"

This spring my wife Donna and I decided to move our boat…


Channel Islands Cruises

I sailed Libations to Southern California to visit the Channel Islands…

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San Fran to Bodega Bay

A trip to Bodega and Tomales Bays was one that I had been considering for some time…


Voyages of the S/V Dolce Vita

After deciding to run South and hide at Cave Cay…


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