I’m installing a radar on my P30. Planning to mount radome on mast and run wire inside mast. I’d like to avoid drilling a hole in the deck to run radar power and network wires. But if I do any suggestions on how to keep it watertight?

Drill through deck?
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Run through mast step?
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Author Topic: Radar wire installation on P30  (Read 1805 times)


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Radar wire installation on P30
« on: July 16, 2019, 09:30:33 AM »
Installing radome on mast on my 1973 P30 and planning on how I’ll run the power and network wires. I’d like to avoid drilling through the deck to run the wires. But if I do does anyone have suggestions on keeping deck watertight ?  Other option is to run wires through mast step. Trying to avoid unstepping mast unless i wait to do the project I. The off season


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Re: Radar wire installation on P30
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2019, 07:58:34 PM »
If you want to avoid an unstep of the mast I would check out pass-thru connectors.  I personally have no experience with them but Blue Sea systems builds one called a Cable Clam, along with other vendors I found on Defender.com.  (no affiliation to Blue Sea or Defender)

Here are the comments from BlueSea:
Cable Clams
Drilling a hole to pass an antenna cable through a rooftop or transom can allow water to pass through if not properly sealed. CableClams provide a waterproof pass-through for antenna, transducer, and other cables without removal of the factory installed cable connector. Blue Sea Systems now offers updated versions of these popular products including the addition of five new models. New models include a side entry clam as well as versions with 316 stainless steel caps and pre-drilled rubber inserts.

Cable Clam Product Video

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