Author Topic: P36-2 Refit  (Read 3230 times)


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P36-2 Refit
« on: March 17, 2019, 11:12:59 AM »
Nice to read all these posts about the Pearson 36-2. I have a 1987, hull #141 that we bought new. It has sailed extensively all over the east coast and Caribbean, and has held up well thoughout – even while in a charter fleet a few years in the 90’s. Unfortunately, she was out of the water for several years recently without much TLC so she showed the neglect.I am in the middle of a major refit, hoping to nurse her back to her original glory.

I went ahead and made the plunge to replace all the portlights.  I am in the middle of the portlight change.  I just finished replacing 9 portlights with Lewmars. I strongly considered the New Found Metals discussed elsewhere, but in the end the cost (given everything else I’m doing) forced me to the Lewmars. I still have to replace the two angled lights, as the new replacements dont fit exactly and will require a little glass work..

I removed much of the teak interior and am replacing/refinishing those pieces.

I came across a brand new (002 engine hours) Yanmar 3HM35F, so rather than rebuild our engine with 5000+ hours I’m replacing it, which gave me the excuse to completely powerclean the entire bilge area. In that process, I decided to replace some of the wiring laid through the bilge as much of the sheathing was deteriorated or just plain messy.  Also tackled the waterheater (does anyone know of a good water heater that doesnt disintegrate in five years?)

I’m also rebuilding the galley area and replacing the laminate top with Corion. Any one have any idea what the black coating on the underside of the stainless steel sink is? I imagine it might be for heat protection from engine. I managed to remove it all, it peeled off relatively easily with help of a razor. Now I’m wondering if I need to replace it with new paint (?) or just leave it bare.

Also – any ideas about replacing the electrical panel? I’m considering using a Blue Seas combined AC/DC panel with 6 AC and 19 AC breakers. The old Nova panel needs replacement and just looks a little too tired.  Also replaced black backing (on which panel is mounted) with teak.  30 years of different size radios, SSBs, stereos, IPOD charges, etc have rendered that black panel pretty unusable.  Amazing how a nice piece of teak brightens the whole nav station.

I have thousands of questions but am having good fun draining my wallet in this endeavor!


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Re: P36-2 Refit
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2019, 10:55:27 AM »
Water Heater:  We have a stainless 6 gallon Seaward, model F700. Uses both engine coolant and AC for heating. It's going on 12 years with no problems.
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