Author Topic: Beckson 414 opening ports  (Read 509 times)


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Beckson 414 opening ports
« on: February 11, 2019, 07:53:56 PM »
My 1984 303 came to me with what appear to be 4 original Beckson 414 opening ports, plastic windows with screens.  One had a gasket in horrid condition, the others are reasonable but not perfect.

I bought 4 new gaskets from Beckson, but my first attempt at replacing the first one was an hour of pure frustration.  It was about 70F, but the gasket was too cold and stiff to stretch and fit into the slot - the directions that came in the box with the gaskets didn't mention heating the gasket, I gave up after over an hour of trying to get it to seat around the first corner, dry, with soap, stretching, etc. no luck - put the old gasket back and went home to research.

The Beckson online instructions include a step to leave the gasket in the sun to warm up before starting.  I didn't have enough sun at my second attempt, but I did flip on the water heater long enough to get the galley sink deep enough with lukewarm water to soak the gasket for a few minutes - after that it only took about 15 minutes of average struggling to get the new gasket seated properly.

One down, three to go.