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Site Updates 2019
« on: January 23, 2019, 12:32:58 PM »
It's winter and since we are not in the Bahamas (maybe next year?), I have been updating PYO ( and 

The Bootstrap grid system has been implemented which works well with mobile devices. Still working on the styling but it is getting better.

Summary of Changes
  • New page filenames for SEO
  • New persistent top menu bar and logo
  • New header images
  • Breadcrumb support
  • Dynamic table of All Pearson Models
  • Several new model pages and hierarchy.
  • Updated early Pearson history based on a youtube by Everett (see Pearson History and Triton  pages)
  • Additional enhancements to original Pearson documents/images
  • Secure browsing support for 323 and forum (HTTPS)
Note: Some url's have changed, caution that some bookmarks may no longer work

Work is in progress to continue to add new models and information.

As always suggestions or new content is welcome.

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