Author Topic: P323 TIPS: Refrigeration, Asymmetric Spinnaker, General Maintenance  (Read 2484 times)


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While you have your locker peg board out and access to this area, take time to check all fittings for loose bolts & nuts, especially on the steering and the mounts.  Check cable with a tissue for broken strands.  I have replaced mine a few years ago.  If okay, lube cable & grease.  Check where rudder post comes in for leakage water marks.  I replaced my packing a few years ago. Check winch bolt & nuts and traveler.  This is done on Chance [Hull 10] pre spring launch every year.  It’s good seamanship & peace of mind.

Another subject concerning ice box insulation.  39 years ago I insulated my 323 box by drilling ¾ holes on outside of box and injected foam insulation between the hull and box, under box between the oven wall and box wall and all voids put in several containers.  I put ice in the box and it last for 3 days or more during summer temperatures.  Also take a thermal blanket and cover the ice, soda, water, beer in box; the ice keeps even longer! 

If racing PHRF, centerline tacked asymmetrical spinnaker may be tacked up to 12 inches forward of J with no penalty provided the area of the spinnaker is no larger than that of the maximum area for which the boat is originally handicapped. 

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