Author Topic: 323 in Lobster-Trap Infested Waters?? A question for you all.  (Read 62 times)

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Hi.  New to the group.  I sail a 24' modified full-keel sloop. Perfect for the Down East waters with lobster traps so thick you can walk across them.  I've been looking to get something gibber for cruising and have the opportunity to purchase a 323 at a nice price (long-time friends that are stepping out of the sailing).  They have owned the boat since new or almost new.  MY QUESTION: Is there any reason that you can't install a cable 3/8" cable from, the bottom of the fin keel to the skeg to keep the lobster lines from getting caught up?  I've never heard of this before, but it seems like this could be done with a little planning on the hardware and attachment points.  also, how long (fore to aft) is the skeg dimension at the bottom.  I've seen some similar Pearson models' skegs are about 6".  Thanks in advance.