Author Topic: Raw Water Pump--Source for British Standard Pipe Thread to Barb Fittings?  (Read 711 times)

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Hi All,

I am replacing my Volvo 858065 raw water pump which came with a two piece "anchor" that held the slip joints and hose on the inlet and outlet sides. I am installing, instead, a Johnson (10-35157) British Standard Pipe (BSP) threaded pump (thank you Rusty Pelican for tip in one of your postings).  I need to find two 3/8" BSP bronze male threaded pipe to barb fittings somewhere online, but I can only find NPT.  Does anyone know of an online source of BSP threaded pipe (it must be bronze, not brass)?  Your help would be greatly appreciated. 

Alternatively, I can order the pump with slip joints on either side and use the anchors to secure them, but I have never worked with slip joints before and I am concerned I will not know how to install them without leaks.  Can anyone tell me how tightening the slip joints work? Thanks.
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