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Newsletter Spring 2017
« on: March 29, 2017, 11:34:44 PM »
P323 logo Newsletter
Spring 2017             Issue #1

We hope you are having a touch of Sailing Fever this spring in preparation for a new season. We are still waiting for the snow to finish melting here in New England, but we would rather be sailing. There are several updates to our website that you might like to know about - take a tour when you get a chance.

This newsletter is being generated using Forum software and the member-list. If you no longer need a userid or have any questions, just reply to this email.

What's New on
  • The Website has a new style and is now responsive to mobile devices so you can view the pages on your smart phone or tablet.
  • The Dynamic Boat Registry is implemented in its first phase. The existing static Boat Registry database has been converted to Forum Profile fields that users may update (more to follow)
  • The Pearson 323 Forum has been optimized and renamed the Captains Forum. We periodically verify that the board names are still relevent, and tweak as necessary
  • The Photo Gallery now supports creation of albums and photo uploads for members
  • The Forum and Gallery have link's to each other on their respective menus
  • New social media links to Pearson-boats on Google and the P323 Owners on Facebook
  • The Forum now contains Pearson 31 boat categories also - this will not affect existing P323 users as each fleet has its own "membergroup"
  • Addition of a 'Donate' button to the navigation menu. This has been suggested by users in the past and it will help to offset costs associated with maintaining the site. Many Thanks to those that have utilized it so far

Dynamic Boat Registry

Since the inception of this website, webmasters have kept the static boat registry up to date as best as possible while relying on email communication from owners. For 2017 we have inserted the static Boat Registry data into the SQL database, as custom Profile fields of the Forum. In doing so it empowers the users to update their own information in real time; such as a change of name, city, or ownership. Along with the advantages of a dynamic database it also provides for more security and privacy, as information is password protected and a member may opt out of showing information such as an email address.

To browse the registry information during a login session, select 'Members' from the menu, and choose the option for 'View the Memberlist' or 'Search for Members'. You may search on data fields such as 'vessel name' or 'state' from the menu. From the listing view, choose the Userid to display the boat information for that member. From this member view you can send a message by selecting the 'envelope icon' below their name (if email is enabled), or by selecting 'Send PM' for a private message.

For the next phase we will provide a listing more similar to the current static boat database. The static registry file is still available on the site (for now) with email addresses removed for privacy.

Your Forum Profile

If you do not have a forum Userid we recommend that you go to the registration page and become a member. For existing members please sign in and check your profile to make sure the Boat Registry fields are accurate. It is no longer feasable that everyone will have a User Name that matches their Vessel Name, so now it is a separate profile field. The Forum Profile is made up of Account Settings and Personal Profile information. You can update either by selecting the Profile option of the primary menu. Under account settings the field Personal Text - can be your name but it is optional. Note that it is displayed on your Posts. Under profile settings you will find the following boat information:

  • Boat Model (P323)*
  • Hull Number (3 digits)
  • Vessel Name*
  • Hailing Port City*
  • State (2 digit State, Province, or Country)*
  • Engine (make & model)
  • Owners Comments (max 512 bytes)

*These items are shown on your Posts

Photo Gallery

Update access is available once signed-in with your Forum Userid. There is a Parent Category of Pearson Yachts and a Sub-Category of Pearson 323. You may create albums and upload photos in the P323 Category. For the album name you can use your Vessel Name or Hull Number, for others to reference. It would be great to have at least one high-quality photo of everyone's boat in the gallery. There is a maximum size of 4K per photo which provides for high resolution pictures. Contact the webmaster with any questions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to use the new as a model for other Sailing owners/fleet websites. With the demise of valuable resources such as, Pearson Current, and other fleet websites that have come and gone, there is the need for a better strategy of information sharing on the the web for Pearson owners. The prototype is a "Parent" website,, which includes robust open source applications that provide ease-of-use, privacy, and security. Sites in which owners are empowered to add value and content with a minimum of administrative overhead. The core features include the Boat Registry, Forum, and Gallery; along with a data repository and portal for Pearson owners and sailing enthusiasts

This "parent" site is being rolled out to support all Pearson Owners, and to provide a resource for fleets who do not currently have an active website. It has the same style as our site but only a few of the links are activated at this time. It is cross-linked to and serves as a Web Portal and placeholder for other fleets to be activated as needed. A backup strategy is being developed for data and administration.

Our web data mining effort for Pearson Yachts information has met some success but we have not been able to access any of the archives, so if anyone has access to that information please let us know. Stay tuned for some new (old) information mined from the 90's.

We hope the site and these latest enhancements are helpful and enjoyable for you. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Fair Sails,

--Brian Jones, Sea Fever #288


Sea Fever

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Re: Newsletter Spring 2017
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Great job!

I have most of the hi-level "Design Specs" for most Pearson models, harvested from the old site via before they were suppressed there.   PM me for details.
@(^.^)@  Ed
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