Author Topic: Any P-39 owners out there?  (Read 483 times)

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Any P-39 owners out there?
« on: November 11, 2021, 07:36:46 AM »
Hi All,
I'm writing a review on a 1975 P39 for Good Old Boat magazine and am looking for owners input and had some questions. I had limited access on a local boat and the owner is now out of town so I was hoping to fill in some details that he didn't know or that has been hard to find and also just get others opinions.

How many P39's were built? I've heard they built about 12 yawl version but couldn't find a number for the sloop.

Details on the deck/hull joint, inward/outward flange, through bolted (size and spacing) and how was it sealed? Any problems with leaks?

The rudder skeg appears to be molded in as part of the hull, is this correct? Bearing at the bottom of the skeg for the rudder?  Any issues there?

Fiberglass layup of the hull, any ideas on how thick? I believe the deck is balsa cored? I've read about soft spots due to stanchions leaking and design/manufacturing issues here?

The interior bulkheads fit into slots in the headliner, are they glassed/glued/screwed in place or just jammed in when the drop the deck in?
Any issues with the centerboard? Ease of operation?

Sailing performance, the local guy says his boat was very competitive back in the day and could sail to 38 degrees to the wind but didn't say if that was with the board up or down. I got feedback from an owner that says with the board up in 12Kts or more wind the boat wants to start crabbing. What are your experiences?

Overall, any design or production flaws?