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Interior Structures / Re: Salon deck
« on: September 16, 2021, 05:25:50 PM »
That is correct, mine is the same way.  I stand on the fuel tank and lift the deck straight up.   Not sure what wiring harness you are looking for, for example the Mast wiring.  On my, hull #3, it runs on the Stb side some along the water tank and some under the benches. Also there is a bunch of wiring in the overhead above the benches.   Hope this helps.

Plumbing and Galley Systems / Re: Idea's for a new fridge.
« on: March 02, 2021, 12:06:54 AM »
Not sure if this issue is dead or not but i can chime in on my ice box to fridge and freezer journey.   I first tried cutting 2 inch holes on 6 in centers.  I used a two part spray foam similar to this product.  Once the foam is dried you need to recess the foam so the cut circles will fit back in place for fiber glassing.  That work well for about 2 years.  I am 6' 4'' and my wife is 5' 3'' so she look like a dumpster diver every time she need something.  Also our compressor needed replacing so with those two facts, I converted by top load to side by side units.   On think I noticed when I removed the old ice box was the spray foam did not fill the void like I expected it to. Also the spray foam curried in balls instead of a flat surface.  i am guessing it due the way I sprayed the material.   I decided to go with VIP insulated panels and two Sea Frost compressors and holding plates.   RParts built the panel boxes and door frames.  I assembled and out the box in place.   not sure if this help any.... cheers.

I am in the process of installing my refrig and freezer.  I decided to go with VIP insulation panels and two sea frost compressors.   I worked with a company called RParts on the design and assembly of the VIP Panels.  They work with a VIP manufacture and then skin the panels with fiber board so you can glue and paint the them. 

Blue Lagoon is a Pearson 530 hull #3 home ported in San Diego CA.  I am currently in a major refit getting ready for our Nov 2022 around the world adventure.   Look forward in participating in the various forum topics.


Charles Shelby

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