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I think we connected by email, but I'm no longer looking to sell the stern rail.

The mast, boom, rudder, and tiller are all still available.  Reasonable offers will be accepted.

I'm converting a Pearson 26 to an electric cruiser.   I have the mast, boom, rudder, and tiller available.

I'm in Mansfield MA.

For Sale and Wanted / Re: Parting out most of a Pearson 26 One Design
« on: December 26, 2021, 09:23:41 AM »
Sorry I didn't see this.  I will DM you.

This stuff is all still available and now easy to get to as I finally have the boat in my backyard in Mansfield MA.

For Sale and Wanted / Parting out most of a Pearson 26 One Design
« on: January 07, 2021, 04:07:08 PM »
I am parting out most of a Pearson 26 One Design.  I am turning it into a solar electric cruiser.

I am selling:

Mast, boom, all rigging.

Mainsail, jib, genoa.

An almost new D & R rudder

Both winches.

All lines, blocks, and pulleys.

I might be wiling to sell the railings and life lines as I am considering replacing them.

The keel.  If anyone wants one!

I haven't researched prices on these yet, other than the D & R rudder, but I wanted to gage interest.

I'd be willing to trade for outboard or trolling motors, batteries, solar panels, or a trailer.


Hi folks!  I've bought a Pearson 26 OD and will be turning it into a solar electric cruiser.   I bought it based upon having been in a weekender, and then seeing pictures of this one.  It was out of state in CT, so with the quarantine I bought it based upon the pictures and a phone call.


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