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I'm converting a Pearson 26 to an electric cruiser.   I have the mast, boom, rudder, and tiller available.

I'm in Mansfield MA.

For Sale and Wanted / Parting out most of a Pearson 26 One Design
« on: January 07, 2021, 04:07:08 PM »
I am parting out most of a Pearson 26 One Design.  I am turning it into a solar electric cruiser.

I am selling:

Mast, boom, all rigging.

Mainsail, jib, genoa.

An almost new D & R rudder

Both winches.

All lines, blocks, and pulleys.

I might be wiling to sell the railings and life lines as I am considering replacing them.

The keel.  If anyone wants one!

I haven't researched prices on these yet, other than the D & R rudder, but I wanted to gage interest.

I'd be willing to trade for outboard or trolling motors, batteries, solar panels, or a trailer.


Hi folks!  I've bought a Pearson 26 OD and will be turning it into a solar electric cruiser.   I bought it based upon having been in a weekender, and then seeing pictures of this one.  It was out of state in CT, so with the quarantine I bought it based upon the pictures and a phone call.


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