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General Discussion / Winter Cover
« Last post by smithcandrew on October 20, 2021, 12:43:19 PM »
I posted this in the Vanguard forum, but thought I would try here as well.  Purchasing a Vanguard that has been stored indoors for most of its winters.  Unfortunately, I don't have that option at my marina and am debating a custom cover.  Curious what experience folks have had with that and any other tips. 
Vanguard / Winter Cover
« Last post by smithcandrew on October 20, 2021, 12:41:27 PM »
Has anyone had a winter cover made for their Vanguard?  Purchasing a Vanguard, and my marina has limited storage options.  Most of its life its has been stored indoors over winter.  I wish I had that option, but I don't.  Hoping someone on this forum might have thoughts on cover options.
P28 / Need Cradle Pads Height
« Last post by Goatman on October 17, 2021, 09:47:43 AM »
Hello all, I recently purchased a Pearson 28 (1977). When we went to pull her out of the water for winter storage, one of the 1" threaded adjustment screws bent. After taking it to a machine shop where they heated it up and straightened it, we put it back into the cradle and noticed all the pads were varying heights. I'm not sure how this occurred but I now find myself in a predicament.

If someone has a cradle and can measure the distance of the pads (Laying flat) to the bottom of the keel level, it would allow me to have a good idea as to where they should be set. I'm afraid when we try again the same thing may happen or worse.

This picture shows where they are set right now. Port side being much higher.

Thanks for any help
P36 / Looking for line drawings
« Last post by admin on October 17, 2021, 09:33:44 AM »
Posted on behalf of P36 owner:

      I am looking for the lines drawings of the Pearson 36 , to make a half model for our retiring commodore.  Any leads as to where Bill Shaws designs went to?  I can possibly use the plan and profile views but as a professional Modelmaker, I really want to use a lines drawing.
    Any help here on this?
Countess / Countess Plans
« Last post by Jayson on October 14, 2021, 03:16:17 PM »
Hello, does anyone have any information on the hull to deck joint for a Countess 44?  Any information or plans about the construction would be very helpful.
Thank you in advance,
Exterior Finish and Fiberglass / Closest match to French white?
« Last post by Jrgehrke83 on October 14, 2021, 12:04:06 PM »
I’m looking to repaint my 1982 p323.. It’s original gel coat was French white. Does anyone know what manufacturer and their color closest matches it? I’m thinking of using Petit.
P323 / Re: P323 Registry?
« Last post by Dolce_Vita on October 11, 2021, 12:14:26 PM »
Found it.

For reference:

Go to homepage

Follow menu:  Sailboats -> Models 31' - 35' -> Pearson 323

Click on menu item "Registry" ( )

This allows acces to the last static registry done in 2017,

Brian,  I know you were working on a way for the current data in the memberlist to be printed out in a similar format.
What ever happened to that effort?  I know you can tease out the same info using searches and filters on the memberlist,
but its not nearly as convenient.  I always used to carry a copy on my phone for quick reference.
P323 / P323 Registry?
« Last post by Dolce_Vita on October 08, 2021, 12:08:08 PM »
Where has the P323 Registry gone?  I recently went to look for it to lookup a particular 323 and couldn't find it.
Interior Structures / Re: Salon deck
« Last post by BlueLagoon on September 16, 2021, 05:25:50 PM »
That is correct, mine is the same way.  I stand on the fuel tank and lift the deck straight up.   Not sure what wiring harness you are looking for, for example the Mast wiring.  On my, hull #3, it runs on the Stb side some along the water tank and some under the benches. Also there is a bunch of wiring in the overhead above the benches.   Hope this helps.
New Member Introductions / Re: Hello, I am new to the forum and want to introduce myself.
« Last post by lt on September 15, 2021, 11:37:53 AM »
I also have a P530 and trying to figure out a lot of things about the vessel.  I replaced the fridge holding plates with simple 12v Danfoss compressor, and simple evap/condenser plates.

would like to access the lost vast volume of space under salon deck to clean out the 30+ years of collected bilge gunk and maybe put all all the batteries down there. 

also inspect the main mast step


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