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Hello all, I hope I am in the right group for this inquiry.

In the next month or so I am hopeful that I can ship a mast with a roller furling and Shrouds from the St Augustine area to NB, MASS.  I will have it all tied down, secured and plastic wrapped for added security.

I am trying to have the Mast "Hitch a ride" with an existing truck heading north with other boat cargo. 

Does anyone have any contacts that I can call about this?.  I have heard that many Marine truck drivers do this to pick up a few extra bills, or more...

Would really appreciate your thoughts and contacts

Warmest Regards
Nick Zakharoff
Pearson 323
Rhode Island
401 486 3774

Hello, all is this discussion active?  Just tried to post and it disappeared when I hit post

401 486 3774

Looking for mast specs, total length, make (I think MetalMast) and best place to buy new in New Bedford Mass area or RI
and is there a great used mast for sale anywhere with Shrouds?

Engine and Drive Train / 60 PSI oil pressure reading?
« on: April 23, 2012, 04:15:14 PM »
I recently changed my VDO oil pressure gauge to another VDO oil gauge (0-80 psi, same as before) and used a sender that came with yet another VDO gauge that I sent it back because it had spade connectors instead of terminal connectors, but kept the sender.  I used to always get a reading of 40 psi on average, and now this new combination is giving me a reading of 60psi?  Any thoughts on this?

When I called the seller he said as long as both are paired to handle a 0-80psi gauge it should work?  The only difference this year was that I did a lot of engine work this year, engine main seal, all seals in tranny, reflushed the head surface, etc, etc

Any experience on this matter would be appreciated!

IntimaSea  319

Hello all;

Directly behind my gauge panel on the wiring harness I have the above mentioned fuse block. It is in-line and I have four identical fuse replacements in case I short our.  I have not bought one for 15 years........any idea who has these now?  I am down to my last fuse, the others have long since burned out.

Many thanks

Forewarned is forearmed. When I pulled my engine (1981 MD11c) out 2 months ago I discovered that the head surface passageways on the rear head, that interface with the manifold had a good amount of wear and vanishing metal surface, up to 1/8" inside in some areas.  Had to add welding to the head and had it resurfaced with a fine sharpening stone until all was very smooth. I also took this stone and ran it over the exhaust manifold and thermostat block and housing connection so all connection surfaces looked brand new!  In addition to the new manifold gaskets I also used (forgot the name) a red colored gasket sealant (in many areas can be used in place of a gasket, like the connection face of the engine and transmission, recommended by the Tranny shop)  Also good for filling in little dents and holes on you surface connections.

I anticipate being leak free this season.....

Plumbing and Galley Systems / Propane tank(s) vented hoses
« on: November 18, 2011, 02:20:07 PM »
Just wondering if anyone has the same problem as I?  I have copper tubing lines that lead out to the stern on both propane tank lockers. The problem I have is the connection on the lower tank fitting is slightly lower than the stern exit connection. Thus, water collects in the copper tube, and has the tendency to freeze/burst during the winter on several occasions. And of course water and snow is always melting into the locker.  I keep these locker openings covered with plywood in the cockpit as much as possible so this helps a bit.

If your unaware of the burst line, and then motoring at 1/2 speed or more, water just gets sucked in from the Bay as the stern dips low.

So my repair has always been the two part epoxy stick, but its not always reliable.  So, just wondering if anyone else has come up against this and how they have handled it.


Engine and Drive Train / Reverse gear/transmission
« on: November 18, 2011, 10:34:19 AM »
I have to replace my transmission seals as I am leaking transmission oil. So all will be disconnected (shaft, reverse gear, etc). Does anyone have any experience with this, and could you please pass on your recommendations and insight!


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