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Thank you very much!  Yes, am learning a lot from online resources.  The community seems eager to help and feedback has been useful.

Look forward to learning more in this group.  I acquired Ardent (formally Great Scott) in February 2023.  Hull #73.

My goal over time is to cruise the entire Maine coastline, then eventually expand to some trips along New England coast.  I looked at and crewed on a number of different boats and settled on the 31-2.  She's on the hard in Yarmouth, ME and I'll be keeping her this summer on a mooring at Safe Harbor Great Island.  I'm also a scuba diver so hope to do some diving.  Particularly interested in wrecks.

Upgrades I'm considering:
-new upgraded battery bank
-wifi/cell booster antennas
-eventually plan to upgrade instrumentation w/ nmea 2000

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