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P530 / Re: Points of attention when buying a P530
« on: January 26, 2024, 10:56:34 AM »
Team, I thought I would add to this posting for others as well if they come look. I have completely re-built my Pearson 530, and here is my observations that I would outline:

- Correct above on the core issues, in various spots. A good survey will outline the potential problem areas. However, while the repair work is detailed, the strength of this vessel in my opinion makes it worth it and not as complicated as many may think to DIY the work.

- The Fuel Tank... the large center aluminum tank needs inspecting at some point empty by tanking the access hatches off. You will most likely find pitted corrosion at the bottom. It's a thicker tank then those today, but looking at how deep the pits are may be worth it if you can.

- Look at the Knees in the Salon where the aft main chain plates are attached. For some reason, they drilled large holes to pass cables through the top of the knees, which weaken them, but more importantly.. they didnt seal them and the core is exposed. If your chain plates leak (and they will at some point) you don't want them rotting out.

- If the chainplates are original, replace them. The are not hard to access, you can replace them yourself fairly easily. It was about a $1500 investment for me and 2 days of work. 1 to remove and 1 to install.

- Look for any delimitation of the tabbing on the main salon starboard bulkhead. If you see a vertical long gap between the two panels of the Starboard bulkhead, your bottom tabbing near the bilge most likely is failing.

- The aft portion of the Keel, where it is more hollow, you will most likely find water inside the cavity. Look for small little seeping holes. The repair is not hard... I drilled, drained, then filled the cavity with epoxy, then fiberglassed over. You can find great instructions on-line on how to fix this repair.

- Hood Mast Furling System - This will need inspection, lube where appropriate at mast head, etc. With the rig down you can work easily on it. I did not find a single failed part, just needed cleaning and care. 

- Most of all the common electrical and plumbing systems will have deteriorated over time, I replaced everything on mine. However, the strength of this vessel and how well / thick it has been built you should find a strong solid foundation that you can trust.

P530 / Re: Build Plans
« on: September 09, 2021, 09:19:55 PM »
Good Evening, this post is somewhat older but I am newer and just reviewed. I own number 17 Pearson 530, and I do have a lot of the original documentation, including the original manual that outlines much of the locations and systems. In addition, I am in the process of doing a complete re-fit of her, from hull up.. so I have touched every part of her. If I can be of assistance, let me know. Also, just started a website on her as well... In the upcoming months I will post much of the documentation and changes as well. Hope that helps.

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