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Shower box / Collection box
« on: October 25, 2019, 08:01:25 AM »
I have a 1983 P530. While replacing the bilge hose, I discovered that the grey water collection box  (located just forward of mast) was leaking profusely from the lid; turning on the sump pump only made it worse! It is apparent the box lid has been removed and glued many times. I have decided to place a new shower box with integrated pump where the old sump pump was located. The old box had 3 incoming hoses: (assuming) one from fwd head sink, fwd head shower and a small sink (bar) in salon. There was also a sanitation type hose out the back that I assumed went to the sump pump (switched from fwd head and bar sink) but this is not the case, I don't know where it goes at this point. The sump pump seems to draw from a hose from the bilge, through a strainer and then out an above water line thru hull. I can't trace all hoses as they are buried below floor or behind bulkheads. The hose that feeds incoming water to sump pump could also originate at bottom of old collection box as I can feel it connecting to a rigid pipe or something that goes vertical towards bilge (maybe p trap into bottom of collection box?) I can't find any information on this boat's plumbing design or blueprints. Love the boat but access to systems poorly thought out. Any information is much appreciated. :-\