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Definition: Internet Forum
This Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. This forum is implemented with Simple Machines Forumâ„¢, a secure open source software package.

Pearson Yachts Forum
Designed for use by all Pearson Yacht Owners and Enthusiasts

* Message Boards are designed and updated for Pearson boat owners
* Based on the P323 forum first implemented in 2011
* Expanded in 2018 to support all Pearson Owners
* Upon registration you provide your boat information which will be displayed in your forum postsNew Members:
Register for a userid to enable posting of messages and attachments and to provide boat information

* Register for a userid to access all features
* Fill out your Profile information for the boat registry
* Await activation email response from administratorCategories of Message Boards
General Category - Message Boards for Pearson Owners and Enthusiasts
Pearson Boats - Common Systems Category - Discussion for boat systems/maintenance
Pearson Boats - Model Specific - Discussion for specific Pearson models

New Post

* Determine which of the boat systems message boards (engine, electrical, etc) covers your topic; or whether you want only the audience of a specific model (p31, p323, etc)
* Select the appropriate message board and select New Topic
* As a rule of thumb put the model number in the title of the post if it is pertinentReplying to a Post

* When doing a REPLY please keep "on Topic" for easy future reference
* IE: don't hijack a thread of discussion with a new topic, but instead start a new thread/topicThe administrator will periodically optimize the forum by moving topics to appropriate categories and removing obsolete entries
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