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Weeping bladder
« on: February 18, 2019, 10:36:03 PM »
My 303 has 2 100 liter bladders under the aft portion of both settees... to starboard is a blue cloth covered bag with a duct-taped jerry rigged outlet hose - it seems to be holding water just fine.  To port, there is a black vinyl NAUTA bladder with stitched seams, and the bottom seam is weeping, ever so slowly.

The bladders were full when I purchased the boat last December, they didn't run low until 60 days later (and then only because I've been using galley and head sink water for LOTS of stuff, not conserving it at all..), so it's obviously not a fast leak, but it is just enough to see a tiny trickle entering the bilge.

So many other things to address first, I'll definitely not be sweating this one any time soon, but... any ideas for what I might do to make it better 60+ days from now when it's empty again?