Author Topic: Allegra - Pearson Triton 28. working condition. 1964 . new york city.  (Read 4630 times)


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  • Model: Triton
  • Vessel Name: allegra
  • City: brooklyn
  • State: ny
Boat is no longer for sale - moving post to Triton section since it has a lot of good information and links - March 28, 2019 - Webmaster.

length overall (LOA): 28
propulsion type: sail
boat docked in an inexpensive slip in millbasin.
see photos and videos of recent motor sailing in brooklyn.
boat needs a bit of internal cleaning but it is in good order.

there are no soft spots on the deck and no cracks and no major problems with the boat.
hull is built like a tank.

boat comes with a TON of stuff, including tools, gas containers, cushions, flotaion vests etc. cookware, a stove, propane tank for stove some maps, etc... etc.... the picutres show the front berth without cushions, to show you it's clean, but it has cushions. comes with all tools for boat and EXTRA sails, that are working and stored in boat. and extra rope.

boat comes with an electric heater which keeps the boat nice and warm.

boat is a bit rough. the engine does work but the bilge pump is broken so you either use a manual bilge pump and or an electric plug in. That said, the hull is water tight and water does not accumulate quickly in the bilge on its own. boat has been at marina for 14 years and never a problem even after heavy storms. it survived hurricane sandy swell tide without a problem.

if you want to see more photos and video you MUST type this url from google. [put the dot in.: it cannot be clicked or uploaded as normal]


comparable prices are tough to gauge because boat prices vary greatly with condition and outfitting of the boat but link is below. price includes new mainsale and a thorough inspection of the engine.
that said, the depth meter on the boat and the fuel gauge are not working so they need replacing. the bilge pump is also having issues, but the boat does not leak almost at all, so , in the 4 years i've had it, very little need to pump out water, and that's always been done with a manual hand pump.

boat is good for liveaboard even in winter as it is smallish and easy to heat, however, cabin is a bit short and anyone 5'11' or taller will be mindful of their head, and boat is best for someone 5'10'' and under.

boat is known to last forever and sail very well for beginners and seasoned sailors alike, single handed. boat cabin is low at 6' so most comfortable cabin height for inhabitants is 5'10' or lower for overnight staying in the boat.

Upon sale , I will go with you to NYS dmv to register your ownership of the boat with NYS. costs 180 to register or less. I have ALL the paper work.

I was given boat as payment for work and i i cannot sail nor do i have capacity to deal with taking care of a boat.

cash only. also willing to barter.
i'm looking for anything really.
boat is in mill basin now. engine should be winterized (filled with antifreeze goop) by late december.

i'm at
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