Author Topic: 1974 Pearson P26 FREE in NJ  (Read 493 times)


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1974 Pearson P26 FREE in NJ
« on: October 14, 2018, 11:08:27 AM »
Long story short; I got the boat on craigslist.. someone was giving it away. I got the title, and spent the entire summer cleaning garbage out of it. Could not afford the slip, someone towed it to a municipal marina and told me I had a mooring until the end of the season. a month later I come to find out that I didnt have the mooring and that it was parked there illegally. I never even sailed it. Its got 2 sails, I have a 3rd genoa. No motor. the Hull is okay I think (it floats and was towed about a nautical mile with no issues. It needs a hatch, but I covered it with a tarp. I sealed a port on the starboard side that was leaking. There as water damage, but its a free project boat. The boat is located in Atlantic Highlands Municipal Marina on a mooring. I'm giving it away as soon as possible. No organization wants it... it needs to be removed ASAP. Contact me if youre interested and can get it. Will give you a bill of sale and a clean title.



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