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How to keep the Gelcoat shiny


I was looking through rbrtfeld's excellent photos on the Windlass project, and I could not help noticing that his gelcoat is awfully shiny.

I have tried a number of polishes with mixed success - things look nice for a while, and then go dull again.  I mainly use Collinite Fleetwax, but it takes forever to put on.

Anyway, thought I would ask you guys what you use. Any tips would be welcome!

This year I did a gentle 1000 grit wet-sand (by hand), followed by 3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound (applied with Makita buffer), then 3M Finesse It (w/buffer), then Collinite (by hand).  A lot of work (5 hours?), but she looks great  -- 1977 original gelcoat  :)



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