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Circumnavigation in a 323


Libations Too:
Back in 2010 I received an email from young gentleman interested in the Person 323. I showed him my boat, some of the work that I had done to ready the boat for coastal and ocean sailing...and then I promptly lost track of this young man.

Fast forward to last week (March 2023) and I received an email from this same man. He was asking about a boat part and he thought that I might have the specifications that he needed. Unfortunately, I was unable to help him but I did learn that in the intervening years he had purchased a 323 and was only about 1800 nm from completing a circumnavigation.

Even though I've been without my 323 since 2016, I thought many of you on this list might appreciate knowing a little more about this man's adventures:

And this about getting the 323 ready for a circumnavigation:

If you are like me, you'll appreciate Austin as an artist, filmmaker, sailor, and adventurer.


Thank you very much for posting this link.  Agreed, Austin is all you said.  Best wishes.



Wow. Thanks for this - I met Austin back in 2012; very nice guy, he had the slip opposite mine for a while, before he set off to Hawai'i. We lost touch around then; I know that he was unsure whether distance cruising was for him after that voyage...seems like he made that decision!

The former owner had made a number of interesting mods to the boat; as an example, he modified the chart table to give fill access to the (wasted) space below - see image. And in the bilge, the grey water tank was moved forward, opening up the entire space under the hatch - and it is a huge space without that grey water tank!

He also pushed out the anchor platform to install a baby stay in the forepeak - sadly I don't have a good photo of that.

It's great to see him - and the boat - having traveled so far.


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