Author Topic: 35 Pearson for sale 1979 very gently used-$9800 for quick sale  (Read 327 times)


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No, this is not a boat that's a total wreck, in fact quite the opposite.  The price of $9800 is to sell it quickly.
I am selling it foor an elderly neighbor who has some health challenges and at this point he just wants to get rid of it to stop the yard bills.
The sailboat was always professionally maintained at an excellent boatyard on the South Shore of Long Island-it has a Westebeke diesel generator fresh water cooled-electronics, autopilot, radar-and considering the year I don't think you would find one in better shape or less used.
I am not a sailboat guy, but I have checked around with brokers and I would rather sell it for him without a broker-without polishing it up and get rid of it quickly.
And no, I am not a scammer from a third world country-not even a fourth.

The photo is of the exact same model boat, but not the exact boat-the boat is under shrinkwrap, but fully accessible for inspection.
You can also contact me if we exchange phone numbers-a great way to get rid of scammers, they don't like to talk on the phone while they are disrupting the world!

Thanks for reading my post.  ~~~Mike, ~ from Long Island New York (So maybe I AM from a thirld world country, emotionally bankrupt from watching too much TV, too much time on the computer and too much time staring at my iPhone!!)

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