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Need help finding a leak

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    Good afternoon every one. I have a slow leak coming from some were. The water collects under the oven  were you would put maybe an extra frying pan or two. Then it finds it's lowest point and makes it's way under the sink. I thought maybe the water is coming in from out side checked every thing re caulk .
       Now the last several months we have had next to no rain in eastern Caroline ...but the water still continues. I thought may be from the ice box. checked every thing there. The only thing i can think of is maybe the water line that runs from the hot water heater. The unit is located in the port side locker in the cockpit. This is the only leak i have and it drives me crazy.
        The boat is a 1985 Pearson 34. So if any one has any ideas post them hear or you can send me an e-mail     Thank you in advance.

Last Resort:
I know about leaks causing you issues...drives me crazy too once I get a dry bilge.  I had 2 such instances with my 90 P31-2. 1st turned out to be a hole in the exhaust hose right back at the transom...took 2 years to figure that one out :(  Next was my water heater is right beside the area you mention, and the release valve had weakened and kept letting water out once hot, and it took a bit to figure that one out too, until I actually had a minor flood while on the hard :(    Hope some of this helps and good luck!!!

Our P323 had a similar leak under the stove/sink area.  Turned out to be the foot pump.  Our foot pump is plumbed to the fresh water manifold, and as long as there was water turned on, it would leak slowly.

What Ed said. I had the same issue. Replaced the foot pump, leak went away. Hopefully your experience will be similar!

    Thank you Selene. I don't have a foot peddle.


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