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I like to look at Pearsons on Yachtworld and I've noticed in the last few months there are hardly any 323s for sale.

I think that's because once one owns a 323 its hard to part with.

Now would be a good time to sell a 323.

Now is a better time to SAIL a 323!

 :) :) :) :)

Yep. I plan to enjoy my 30th season with Zufrieden.  It's been a keeper for me.

Less than 4 weeks now until launch date.  It's a short, but beautiful season on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Here's to sailing our 323s!

30 Seasons! You've got me beat at 26.

I would so love to sail the Lakes.

Enjoy your season!

Hi Alma,

I do not know your name, but sure, I would love to sail down to some time this summer to say hi and visit. I am in RCYC, do you know of any reciprocal  clubs in your area. If not could you recommend a marina for a few nights?

Thank you, Greg C.

Summer wind.


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