Author Topic: Burgoo - first fiberglass boat to win the Newport-Bermuda - 1964  (Read 3286 times)


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Hi everyone,

I own Burgoo, the 1962 Pearson Invicta (Bill Tripp design) that won the Newport-Bermuda in 1964 on corrected time. As I understand it, she was the first fiberglass boat to do so. Since she has also been in National Geographic Traveller India and other magazines.

We’ve owned her since 1998, when we paid duty in the Bahamas to allow her to also fly a Bahamian flag  - and stay there indefinitely (or return to the states or elsewhere).

We lost my father last March. I’ve been doing everything possible to hold on to Burgoo, but she needs someone that has the time and means to give her the energy she deserves.

I’m open to finding her a new owner that values her history and the incredible vessel she is for sailing and adventuring.

Would appreciate your help in finding her the right new owner!

Thanks and all the best,

“The Invicta was an unusual 37-foot yawl Bill designed for Pearson Yachts. The Invicta was a departure from other Tripp centerboarders in several ways, being flush-decked with a turret doghouse and a wide keel box below the cabin sole into which the engine was fitted entirely below the sole. The keel was relatively deeper than other Tripp centerboarders, the Invicta drawing 5 feet with the board up as opposed to the Block Island or Bermuda 40’s draft of 4 feet board up. Not many Invictas were built, but one became famous for winning the Bermuda Race in 1968. Burgoo was the smallest yacht — at 25 feet waterline length — ever to win and the last to do so. Subsequently, the rule was changed to increase the minimum size so Burgoo could never compete again.” From