Author Topic: questions re P36-2 performance  (Read 4096 times)


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questions re P36-2 performance
« on: November 13, 2020, 09:27:29 PM »
hi - i have a Pearson 10M and thinking of moving up to a 36-2. My Pearson 10M is pretty stiff and i feel safe reefing down and going out in 30-40 knot winds. On the other hand, in light winds (~10 knots) it does not sail well with the main alone.  Could someone please let me know about the handling characteristics of the 36-2 in strong and light winds. Also, my 10M tracks great most of the time. In addition, my engine will only move my boat at about 6 knots or less- less than 7 knots hull speed at about 2500 rpm.  How well does the 36-2 30 hp engine drive her ? Tx for help. I have never posted before but if someone wants to talk, glad to. I sail in Buzzards Bay MA.