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General Discussion / Re: Idea's for a new fridge.
« Last post by Valor on Today at 02:54:31 PM »
@ RKFITZ. Thanks for taking the time to document your production rates. I feel a lot better knowing those figures.

Based on what I learned and what other people on this and some of the other boards have mentioned, I think my calculations are really close and if I'm off, it should be by a small margin. Realistically, If I am short on charge rate then 2 thing are going to happen. 1- Get another panel or 2- do as Ed has done and purchase a suitcase generator, plug it into the shore power and use the onboard charger to get everything topped off. If I could get by a week at a time without dipping below 60% of my capacity then I would be totally fine with running the generator once a week to get the bank back up to float.
Thanks again.  Yeah, that's the way mine is now.  In addition to the offending fiberglass, I had the four screws shown in your illustration, which seem entirely sufficient to support the unit.  Once I cut the fiberglass strip, I was able to remove the whole assembly.  I did not need to add any reinforcement.  The horizontal and vertical plywood elements are connected by a piece of hardwood, screwed together.  I think it is just fine now.  I have no idea why the fiberglass strip was added; I'd wager by the original owner of the boat.  Anyway, all done now and it works fine.
 The bracket that supports my pump is secured by 4 screws that go through the fiberglass around the foot lever. Once they are loosened the whole assembly can be removed.

Thanks.  I can tell that there is nothing holding the aft end of the horizontal platform. It is loose.  It's the strip of fiberglass, on the forward end, that looks to have been used to stabilize the platform, that is the problem.  There is just not enough room to get a screw driver in between the pump and the vertical plywood.  I have just about decided to go ahead and cut the fiberglass and stabilize the platform using stainless angle iron.  Was yours mounted to a platform that had been "glassed" to the hull?

Thanks for the reminder on the valve that controls water access by this pump.  It's been a while since this worked, so I might have made the mistake of pressurizing the system with that valve open.

Get a hand mirror and look at the other side. I removed mine years ago and rebuilt it. It still works well. The difficult thing about that pump is the third valve that allows the foot pump to access the water from either tank. If that valve is left open while using the pressure system malfunctions occur.
Hello all.  Wanting to replace the non-working, original (on Zufrieden in 1992 when I bought her) dual action foot pump.  In my case, this pump serves as backup to the pressure system, in the galley.  The picture below shows the installation, near the hull, just forward of the ice-box.  The pump is attached, by it's base, to the horizontal piece of plywood shown in the picture.  I have managed to get the two out-board screws out, but cannot see how I can get to the two screws near the vertical piece of plywood, without removing the entire plywood structure, on which the pump is mounted.  In order to remove the plywood mounting pieces, I would have to cut the fiberglass strip that provides a tie-in to the hull.  If that's what I need to do..fine, but I'm wondering if others have encountered this and if so, how did you get the pump out?  Thanks.

Roger Nebergall (Zufrieden)
Boat Finish Work / General Painting thread (P26)
« Last post by Black.Beard on July 12, 2018, 12:29:14 PM »
I recently acquired a Pearson P26. I plan on dry docking the boat, taking it apart and revamping it, including paint. I am wondering what type of paint to use, how many gallons, any special conditions or circumstances, and just any overall advice for painting and sanding both the interior and exterior.

I plan on putting faux teak along the deck, cockpit, and am looking for recommendations for interior flooring.   

General Discussion / Re: sea hood
« Last post by rkfitz on July 10, 2018, 09:15:22 PM »
There is a foam that's used for around windows that does not expand as can buy it at home depot. I believe it's Great Stuff for Windows.
Standing & Running Rigging / Re: Forstay attachment point
« Last post by jmcmonagle on July 07, 2018, 12:25:21 PM »
Thanks to both of you for the feedback..
I moved it yesterday.
Kept the extra  toggle in and at least for now was unable to loosen the lock nut on the furlers turnbuckle.
Added to mast rake a bit but think it's OK.
Also moved the furling line from starboard to port to make anchoring saner.
Will attack the lock nut aging with better tools and add a little penetrating oil.
General Discussion / sea hood
« Last post by jimma4191 on July 07, 2018, 10:57:34 AM »
    I replaced the dorades on my 33-2. In the process found that the core in the sea hood was not good. Cleaned out as much as I could. Has anyone replaced this core with a spray in polyurethane foam? Mostly worried about the expansion rate of that stuff I think. It could buckle the hood. Not sure I could get west system thick enough to hold vertically. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.   Thanks,  Jim
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