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pearson323 pearson 323 pearson cruising sailboat We are the Pearson 323 Owner's Community, dedicated to sharing information and knowledge on The Pearson 323. The Pearson Model 323 is a 32 foot sailing vessel that was built from 1976-1983 by Pearson Yachts. As a seaworthy, affordable, and honest cruising boat many of these Bill Shaw designed craft are still being enjoyed around the world. Contact Us


Boat Design is covered here along with the designer's philosophy, boat reviews, specifications, technical information, and a repository of original P323 owners documentation. Once you own a P323 you will probably spend time making her more to your liking. There is a detailed projects and tips page with photos and details that provide do-it-yourself ideas and instructions. There is an Owners Registry database which includes boat owners by hull number or region and a photo gallery. And finally there is a Community Forum with nearly 200 users.

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